The purpose of this phase is to –
  1. provide learners with activities to assist them in making decisions, evaluating and sorting through the information they have gathered about the topic
  2. assist learners to formulate new questions about their learning - perhaps leading to further investigation

  • This phase is more teacher directed

What teachers do
What learners do
  • provide feedback
  • ask questions, pose new problems and issues
  • evaluate explanations

  • clarify understandings
  • share understandings for feedback
  • form generalizations
  • reflect on plausibility
  • seek new explanations

What electronic resources are available to support this phase?

Writeboard: collaborative construction of texts

Graphic Organisers: collate and organise your information ready for presentation

Audacity - free, open source software for recording and editing sounds - create and edit music, radio plays, soundtracks, podcasts...

Webposter Wizard - create online worksheets or posters with weblinks

Kids Vid - a step by step online support guide for creating videos

Bibliography Creator: Use this tool to format a bibliography from a range of sources

Further Reading