Use this page to access a range of tutorials for software and web 2.0 digital tools (known as cloud computing).

Software:Information and tutorials for Microsoft Office products including Word, PowerPoint and Publisher, Photostory, Kidspiration, Comic Life and other programs currently on the school network.

Cloud Computing:Tutorials for well known and emerging Web 2.0 tools including Yammer, Diigo, Voicethread and many other online programs.

Interactive Whiteboards:A powerful tool for enhancing teaching and learning, and for supporting inquiry learning. Find out more here.

Online Computing:
The Digital Destinations wiki is your one stop shop for information about Web 2.0 and a wide variety of Web 2.0 tools.

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I-minds has been designed to support your implementation of the Inquiry Process into the classroom curriculum. With this in mind, the ICT tutorials have been presented according to where they would be of most use within the Inquiry Process. These suggestions are only guidelines. Be creative! Any suggestions that you have as to how these digital tools could be used in other ways would be gratefully accepted!!

Web tools useful in the LAUNCH phase
  • Glogster - A fantastic tutorial can be found HERE
  • Wordle - an excellent explanation of the power of Wordle and how to use it can be viewed HERE
  • Kartoo - at first, Kartoo seems confusing, but follow these instructions HERE and you will see the possibilities for searching with students...
  • Bubbl.usBubblus is pretty easy to work out how to use, but to find out about all of its features, why not watch this video HERE
  • WebspirationLike Bubblus, this is a mind mapping tool, but with a lot of similiarity to Inspiration. Find out how to use it most effectively through watching the video HERE

Web tools useful in the ACCESS phase

  • ExploratreeThe 'Help' section of the Exploratree website is very extensive - but for a quick start, why not view these very easy to follow video tutorials HERE to learn more about this fabulous resource.
  • NoodlequestNoodlequest takes you through a series of questions to work out which search engine is most suitable for your needs. To learn more about the search engines out there, click HERE
  • Clipmarks Instead of linking to entire web pages, Clipmarks lets you clip exactly what you want others to see. Our browser add-on lets you save and share what you're reading on the web with greater precision than is possible with links. The video tutorial and further explanation is HERE
  • SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey allows you to create powerful online surveys for free! Added features are available at additional cost. Video tutorials are viewable HERE
  • Filamentality This is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Internet, gathering good Internet links, and turning them into online learning activities like webquests and hotlists. Although very easy to use, support for beginners can be found HERE>
  • SchoolTube YouTube for students! Provides students and educators a safe, world class, and FREE media sharing website that is nationally endorsed by premier education associations. Check out more info HERE

Web tools useful in the DEVELOP phase

  • WriteboardCollaborate, share, revise and review - writeboard allows you to upload data and to access it from any computer. For ideas on how it can be used, check out THIS
  • Graphic OrganisersThere are countless websites with printable graphic organisers. This one is just one example. For an interesting article on graphic organisers and a huge list of related resources, click HERE.
  • Bibliography Creator This link takes you to BibMe, just one of the many automatic bibliography creators available online for students. The reasons students must understand the importance of citing their references are many - for an easy to read article that discusses ways of avoiding the cut and paste culture, click HERE
  • Audacityrecording and editing sounds is vital for podcasting and a growing number of other creative learning activities. Although it is a little complex, some have had excellent results with Audacity. For guidance, see HERE
  • Webposter Wizard This FREE tool allows educators to create a lesson, worksheet, or class page and immediately publish it online. Teachers can also set up classes and assign projects to students. Students complete the assignments by creating their own online projects or reports. Teachers and students can even add images and links to their pages. It is pretty easy to use - click HERE to see how.
  • Kids VidsScripting, editing, filming, showing - KidsVid has a step by step approach to help students create their own videos. To find out more click HERE!
Web tools useful in the DEMONSTRATE phase

  • WixCreate amazing flash animated webpages and widgets with a click and drag approach - to find out more click HERE
  • Glogsterforget cardboard posters...create a glogster and bring your poster to life online! Learn how HERE
  • VoicethreadJust like powerpoint but with the added scope to add voice-overs and conversations - interested? Find out more HERE
  • Google SketchUpA free program provided by Google that allows 3D sketching and design - learn more from self paced tutorials HERE
  • Create-a-Scapecreate an aural map and link it to different locations around the school or the wider area...for more info click HERE
  • Animotoproduce awesome and professional video clips with sound and vision quickly and easily - make your own to interest students in a topic, or ask them to create one themselves...the options are endless, and the instructions are!
  • Go!AnimateCreate fantastic animated cartoons like this! Lost Library books by kayc28

    Like it? Create your own at ****.

Web tools useful in the EVALUATE phase

  • RubistarCreate your own rubrics or adapt ones already time and stress! Find out more here...
  • Classtoolsbuild fun, flash animated puzzles and quizzes for your students so that they can self evaluate or test their learning...How? Click here to see!
  • Discovery Educator PuzzlemakerQuickly and easily create crosswords, wordsearches and other puzzles to print - so easy no tutorial required!!

Interactive Whiteboards:

Terrific resources to inspire creative teaching with Interactive Whiteboards:
A great source of ideas and a place to ask questions of expert IWB users: The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution Ning
A fantastic range of Whiteboard resources, ready to go
SmartBoard resources