The purpose of this phase is to -

1. Introduce – the learners to the topic and establish their prior learning and knowledge (eg by brainstorming the topic).

2. Motivate – the learners by igniting ideas and spurring them on and by creating a sense of curiosity and interest in the topic.

3. Frame and Identify – what it is the learners are to know about the topic and what processes might they use to investigate the topic.

Learners begin to generate their own questions and statements about the topic by gathering facts and information. A concept map may be built at this stage to be further added to as the topic develops.

Questioning is an essential part of this phase. For further reading and resources on promoting effective questioning and on how to question your students to stimulate critical and wide thinking, check out the following:

Beyond Information Gathering: Good research begins with a good question.

During the LAUNCH phase, the ‘Inquiry Question’ should be set to provide the scope and framework for the learners’ investigations and learnings. This phase is more teacher directed
What teachers do
What learners do
  • Engage students in the topic – students need to feel some ‘emotion’ about the topic - emotion leads to action
  • Gather prior knowledge
  • Construct learning experience/s that allow students to repond in diverse and personal ways
  • Pose problems
  • Ask questions – how, what, where, when, why
  • Assess prior knowledge
  • Call up prior knowledge
  • Have an interest
  • Have a question(s)
  • Identify problems to solve, decisions to be made, conflicts to be resolved
  • Write questions, problems, etc
  • Self reflect and evaluate

Further Reading